Terms of purchase

Terms of Purchase


All products purchased on our online store have a 14-day return policy.
Additional info: www.ttja.ee


Returned parts must be in the same configuration and must not be disassembled or damaged. The markings of Ardesia OÜ must also be in place and in order. According to the Law of Obligations Act (§53 (4) 2 and 3 [2]), a product made on the consumer’s terms may not be returned, for example, we cannot return or exchange parts that have been cut from the car body at the customer’s request.


The returned items must not be damaged and in the original packaging. Otherwise, the customer must cover all additional expenses and the seller has the right to deduct this amount from the refundable purchase price. Upon return, the money will be refunded to the Customer no later than within 7 working days counting from the return of the product or submission of proof that the customer has returned the product. The money will be transferred to the account from which the product was purchased.


When returning the goods, the Store Manager does not cover the costs, which include: transport, installation / testing of the spare part and removal.

You can submit the claim within 2 years period.